“Cool material in the solar corona at the time of Solar Orbiter”, in honor of Jean-Claude Vial

Our friend and colleague Jean-Claude Vial is approaching the end of his Emeritus status, and he will leave the IAS in mid-2020. It is a major milestone for Jean-Claude, but also for the IAS and the international solar physics community. We wish to mark the occasion with a scientific colloquium covering the numerous topics to which Jean-Claude has dedicated his contributions.

Covid-19 information

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we regret to inform you that the colloquium entitled “Cool material in the solar corona at the time of Solar Orbiter” organized by the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale is cancelled.


Please register before January the 24th 2020. Registration is by invitation only.

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Preliminary list of speakers

Roger-Maurice Bonnet, Werner Curdt, Pascal Démoulin, Cheng Fang, Alan Gabriel, Hélène Gispert, Costis Gontikakis, Petr Heinzel, Miho Janvier, Serge Koutchmy, Nicolas Labrosse, John Leibacher, Louis Manchon, Susanna Parenti, Gabriel Pelouze, Anne Philippon, Jean-Yves Prado, Michel Tagger, Alan Title.

Organizing committee

Karine Bocchialini, Patrick Boumier, Éric Buchlin, Catherine Cougrand

Meeting poster


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